Crypto & Bitcoin Casino Guide

As with every revolutionary process, new things attract massive demand as completely new possibilities begin to arise. When talking about cryptocurrencies, the world has witnessed a huge step forward in many areas of everyday life, where amazing new technologies, concepts and innovations have significantly improved and simplified people’s lives. Being free and independent from banking systems, their restrictions and regulations, as well as from collecting personal transactions and purchases has had a tremendous impact in the world. Both personal and business environments got brand new dimensions. The blockchain technology has crushed the competition and all its boundaries and has allowed for worldwide implementation.

In the gambling industry, the crypto world and blockchain technology have ensured the highest level of online gambling experience enabling the most anticipated and much deserved privileges to players:

  • a decentralized system, which prevents banking and government systems to have control over people’s assets
  • fast, secure and anonymous transactions
  • worldwide access to thousands of gambling sites
  • no restrictions for gambling at casinos registered abroad, even if players live in countries where online gambling is forbidden
  • very fast withdrawals, compared to prolonged, visible and recorded transactions with standard credit card payments
  • crypto casinos provide anonymously fund, transfer, play and withdrawal for their players
  • the blockchain technology as one of the safest technologies for transactions, and for preventing hackers and frauds. Basically, when choosing a crypto casino always opt for trustworthy, reputable ones, based on information carefully collected from specialized gambling informing sites. The things that make crypto casinos safe are security measures which they guarantee, provided by encryptions, algorithms, two-step verifications etc.
  • the licenses each crypto casino has to display, (issued by gaming authorities) are also important. When searching for high ranked casinos, these are the features you should find to be confirmed by sites which rank and review the casinos.
  • so, spend some time reading those reviews, because it’s in everyone’s best interest to have information which proves the authenticity of crypto casinos and provides recommendations for the most trusted and reliable gambling sites.
  • the fairness of gambling using a provably fair system and the transparency from beginning to end is making crypto gambling a much better choice in the gambling industry worldwide

In the following article we’ll inform you on the most important matters with crypto casinos, thanks to our team of experts who enjoy playing as much as you do.

What are crypto & Bitcoin casinos?

Online gambling operates around the globe and has millions of participants. The industry uses high-tech programs, which enable users to have an experience of the highest level of modern technology. A great deal of its online popularity and accessibility is due to cryptocurrencies and their prestigious qualities which other currencies don’t have.

When cryptocurrencies were introduced to the casino world, they allowed for the much anticipated freedom to online gamblers. Gamers could anonymously play even in countries where online gambling is not allowed. The reason being off-shore casino registrations and practice licenses from authorized organizations from abroad. Anyone can have easy access, whether on a computer, tablet or smartphone and can choose from various online casinos which accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

When choosing a crypto casino the best thing to do is to visit one of the specialized sites which analyze, review and rank casinos, based on a number of factors for reliable and objective information.

Basically, all the advantages of cryptocurrencies, (especially bitcoin as the most popular one) put crypto casinos on top of the gambling industry.

We’ll introduce you to the concept of crypto/bitcoin casinos and give you advice for the safest and the best experience at online gambling.

  • Crypto/ bitcoin casinos operate with cryptocurrencies and their blockchain technology. Users have to own bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies), store it in crypto wallets and make transfers to the casinos exclusively via wallets. The crypto wallets are programs or hardware, in which crypto is stored and from which funds are sent or received. When playing with higher amounts and generally, for safe gambling we recommend investing in hard wallets, which serve as a safe with all of its advantages. Bitcoin is a globally accepted currency and is completely independent from banking, financial, national or other governing institutions. This allows players from anywhere in the world, to play at bitcoin casinos with a unique payment system. The transaction fees are much lower than the fees at casinos with traditional payment methods, which is significant for all players.
  • The best thing with blockchain is that all the transactions are decentralized, which means that neither banks nor governments are involved at all. Anyone who owns cryptocurrency can play at online casinos without any restrictions. Anonymity is guaranteed, and no one can see your personal information. When registering and creating an account with a casino, you’ll find that many bitcoin casinos don’t require revealing your personal data, or they ask for minimal information in order to open an account. To start playing, users have to deposit their funds to the casino’s wallet. The whole process is easy to perform and takes a really short period of time.
  • Many bitcoin casinos operate with a provably fair concept which uses cryptography to ensure the fairness and randomness of the games’ outcomes. In this matter, players can verify that the whole gambling experience is fair and transparent, based on high-tech algorithms.
  • Withdrawing the players’ winnings is also performed via wallets. The players choose the amount and the currency they prefer to transfer and provide their wallet address. Usually, the winnings are available in the wallets promptly.
  • The variety of games, bonuses and great customer service pay a large role when choosing a gambling site. Having in mind players’ experience and preferences there are plenty of opportunities for enjoyable gaming. Our suggestion for carefree play would be websites which explore and rank the casinos and provide tons of detailed information which is regularly updated.

The simplest answer to this question would be: since cryptocurrency transactions are 100% legal, online crypto casinos are legal as well. Crypto transactions are performed no matter what your nationality is, and they allow any person, company, organization and/or platform to be involved in the process. People around the world have found unimaginable before opportunities to control their assets, with just basic knowledge of the blockchain technology and computer skills. The real freedom crypto has achieved in every step of the way is with transactions, by far the most emphasized reason to adopt crypto, especially considering the absence of restrictions and the expected privacy in the gambling industry. Nowadays more than a third of all crypto transactions are related to online gambling.

Having all this in mind, it’s understandable that old-fashioned casinos and the authorities from various countries which profit in the gambling industry are not happy with competition which beats them easily. Thus, it’s important to understand that the regulations and laws regarding crypto casinos vary between countries.

For players as well as for the owners of crypto casinos, the most important thing is a license for operating one. Requiring licenses is the most common way of regulating crypto gambling. The majority of online crypto casinos have had their license obtained from Curacao. This country has great interest in simplifying the process of licensing which enables casinos to have all the legal work done in a short period of time. Casinos acquire one license only, and taxes are only 2% of net profits, which is very convenient. Besides Curacao, the authorities in Malta have been organizing the legislation process very professionally and their license is among the favorite ones.

Players can always check the validity of a casino’s license, and get their questions answered through various blogs and sites dedicated to providing the best information on crypto gambling.

In Europe, there are only a few countries which have official regulations of crypto gambling (The United Kingdom, Greece, Belgium, Poland and The Netherlands).

In the U.S.A. gambling in general is not allowed, (with the exception of some states), but as long as online casinos operate from abroad, US residents can legally gamble online.

In the U.K. on the other hand, gambling is not prohibited, and the U.K. Gambling Commission demands that all of the providers be regulated by the current gambling laws. When a casino asks for permission for crypto gambling, it has to prove that the source of its funds is legal.


  • there is no universal legislation for crypto gambling
  • there are different laws and regulations from country to country
  • requiring the licenses is the most common way of regulating crypto gambling
  • jurisdictions which provide the licenses guarantee the legality of the operations performed at gambling sites
  • all the activities performed at reputable online crypto casinos are transparent and legal
  • a gambling license is important for players’ trust and protection, as well as for the reputation of the casino
  • although Bitcoin is the most popular among cryptocurrencies, licensed casinos are allowed to operate with every other cryptocurrency

Advantages of crypto & Bitcoin casinos

Everyone can play

Crypto casinos enable online gambling for everyone, no matter where they are located. As with any online activity, a stable internet connection, a computer or smartphone are the essentials required to start playing. Even in countries where gambling is banned, its citizens can play at casinos registered in other countries. Introducing cryptocurrencies to online gambling has perfected the whole experience where users don’t get involved in any way with banks or governments. The blockchain technology, which is autonomous and completely independent from any authority or financial institutions, creates the much desirable environment for millions of users.

What is expected from players is to understand the technology and to exercise their skills wisely.

Absolute privacy

One of the main advantages of crypto casinos is that users’ identities are unknown. The basic thing which enables anonymous transactions is a public ledger (blockchain). The blockchain records all crypto transactions, but users’ personal information is undisclosed thanks to encryption. Anyone who engages in crypto transactions needs to provide only their crypto wallet address, or scan a QR code.

In this way all the restrictions which characterize traditional casinos don’t exist anymore. When playing at old-fashioned casinos, nothing remains private. Players must disclose their personal information, bank accounts, transactions are visible and all that, which is suitable to be controlled, taxed, or monitored, is inevitable.

Playing at crypto casinos, you get your privacy secured and the whole process from depositing to cashing out remains safe and anonymous. Nothing achieved in crypto transactions is connected to your personal information.

No transaction fees

Another advantage of using cryptocurrencies as a payment method is that casinos don’t charge transaction fees for withdrawing funds compared to standard credit card payments. Since the technology is decentralized the commission is not imposed for players’ winnings nor for funding personal accounts.

Much faster withdrawals

Compared to non-crypto casinos players witness extremely faster withdrawals. It’s astonishing that the transaction process can be complete in just a matter of minutes and in most cases seconds. The nature of the process excludes third parties, so winnings are sent straight to the receiver. When users experience the speed of crypto transactions, it’s impossible to return to traditional online gambling. Usually, when banks and credit cards are involved, 3-5 business days are required in order to have users’ withdrawals processed.

Bonuses and offers

Crypto casinos offer attractive bonuses, especially for first-time users. Usually it’s bonus cash to play with or free spins. For the best reviews and analyses, it’s crucial to visit the sites which navigate you on the best ranking casinos, and you can easily choose the most suitable ones, based on your preferences.

Overall security, safety and fairness

A variety of games offered, advanced programs, innovations and upgrades, as well as the bigger chances for win are also countable as big advantages of crypto casinos.

With a technology which facilitates crypto transactions, playing is brought to a highest level possible. What attracts the casino enthusiasts the most is a provably fair system, which many crypto casinos offer as the ultimate program for safest, secured and the most trusted gambling experience. When choosing a casino, you’ll find that are the top ranking are those who include provably fair system. It’s based on algorithm which allows players to check the fairness of each game. In this way, casinos enable fair chance for winning for every player and it can be verified from start to end. Getting advice from professional sites who rank the casinos grant you an extra peace of mind and provide you with priceless up-to-date information.

No matter whether you’re a beginner or you play like a pro, the advantages of crypto casinos give you a completely new way of gambling and undoubtedly greater security, benefits and overall satisfaction.

How to choose a crypto & Bitcoin casino?

With every online activity, security is a top priority for users, especially when payments are involved. The online gambling industry has millions of users, and their trust in a safe environment must be supported by high security standards and provable fairness. Cryptocurrencies and its blockchain technology have brought the strongest possible system in purchasing, keeping, handling and transferring people’s assets. The moment online casinos adopted cryptocurrencies, online gambling has achieved the most valuable changes and has enabled the best security possible.

In this article we will present you everything you should know when deciding on the right crypto casino, which can serve you as a tool to explore and experience joyful gambling.

The proof that a casino is legitimate and safe is its license

Look up for casinos with an issued license from reputable authorities such as the Curacao Gaming Authority, Malta Gaming Authority or United Kingdom Gambling Commission. You may usually find the details of the license presented at the bottom of the website. You’ll be protected while playing at a casino which is properly licensed, knowing that the site is legitimate and responsible to the highest renowned authorities.

Variety of offered cryptocurrencies

Playing both safely and being able to choose a fast payment method is enabled by the blockchain technology and makes for an easy choice for players. Everyone prefers quick and secure transactions, and the details on options are explained in the terms and conditions.

Bitcoin is the most popular coin and is widely accepted in crypto casinos. Depending on your preference, you may choose different coins, and look for casinos which offer other cryptocurrencies, like Dogecoin, Ethereum, XRP etc. Considering the safety, anonymity and speed of transactions provided by crypto casinos, once users experience gambling at crypto gambling sites, they don’t play at regular casinos anymore.

Bonuses, rewards and promotions

As in every industry, competition makes products better. In that regard bonuses, rewards and promotions play significant roles in choosing the right casino.

There are plenty of bonuses for first time users, as well as reload bonuses, loyalty points, free spins etc. It’s easy to discover what kind of possibilities players have, because it’s in everyone’s interest to emphasize all the advantages and promotions and display it clearly.

A variety of games

We all know what we enjoy playing the most. Crypto casinos are on a noticeably greater level considering the selection of games. What you need to do is compare the casinos with the best game categories and enjoy the latest high-tech entertainment. It’s understandable that crypto casinos invest a lot of money in software which can satisfy the most demanding players, and provide the highest level of gambling experience.

Customer Support

Customer support is of great importance in gambling. All players are interested in getting the right feedback and help in every situation. A team which consists of professionals, trained to navigate, explain and resolve any issues in the shortest amount of time should be one of the best features a casino can offer. So always check out the recommendations and rankings in regards to customer support experience, and choose one in the highest-ranking positions.

Provably fair

Having a provably fair system is a great advantage for a crypto casino. Players are additionally secured and confident in the outcome of a game, because it can be proven.

Is it safe to play at a crypto & Bitcoin casino?

As gamblers ourselves we consider safe gambling a top priority. Online gambling is a huge and very profitable industry and it’s in their best interest to have satisfied, loyal followers. Wherever you look for online casinos, it’s easy to find them, among thousands of gambling sites. Whether you have experience with cryptocurrencies or not, basic common sense for online security goes without saying. Also, when exploring the safest way for gambling, users should make their decisions based on lists of high-ranking casinos and reviews. This is how we had started and we will always recommend it to our readers.

What makes crypto & Bitcoin casinos safe?

If you are having second thoughts about using cryptocurrency or thinking about scams that might involve crypto casinos, we are here to prove you wrong. There are no reported scams in crypto gambling sites, nor the safety of your assets could be jeopardized while having crypto transactions. On the contrary, the technology implemented in those transactions is based on blockchain and that is the best guarantee for a safe financial environment. Blockchain uses digital ledgers which are managed from around the world. When making a transaction, it has to be verified multiple times. After each verification, the transaction goes into a block which includes a “hash” code. This code is saved on all other blocks within the network. In simple words, when transferring crypto to a casino’s account (a crypto wallet), you are 100% safe, because the blockchain executes each transaction using encryption, multiple verifications from a global network and cannot be controlled or manipulated.

Casino License

In order to play at a legitimate casino, look for a gambling site that has an official license (that is fully licensed). A proper license is something that should always be considered as a genuine sign of trust. There are strict regulations that gambling providers have to meet in order to get the permission for their activities. This includes proof that a casino is fully equipped, responsible, and capable of protecting their players’ information.

You can’t go wrong if you choose to play at casinos licensed with the most trusted authorities, the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

With this in mind, you’ll notice that the top ranked casinos are those which have their licenses granted from the above-mentioned bodies. No matter how professional or tempting gambling sites might look, if they don’t have a license, or if their license is not from a respected source, you should avoid playing at those sites.

Choosing a crypto wallet

Each cryptocurrency transaction is established through wallets. Purchasing crypto and then playing at a crypto casino and collecting the winnings is possible only via wallets.

When someone stores their cryptocurrency and makes transactions using a program installed on a mobile device or a computer, we talk about software wallets. These wallets require an internet connection, for accessing the blockchain network. Having in mind that the safety of online activity depends on users’ devices and its security programs, when choosing software wallets, maximum caution must be taken from an individual’s side. A secure private network is also essential in order to play safe.
The other option, which in a matter of security is unbeatable is a hardware wallet.

Hardware wallets, are special devices, similar to USB flash drives, that users plug into a computer. The process can almost be entirely completed offline and even though they are more expensive, all the advantages regarding the best possible protection go to these types of wallets.

Look for fairness with RTP and RNG

In each review, you may find these important features regarding the fairness of gambling.

RTP presents the Return-to-Player percentage, which declares the possibility of winning values when playing a certain game.

RNG stands for Random Number Generated and it is a specific concept, based on an algorithm which enables fairness by creating random numbers.

If the casino you’re interested in is operating using RTP and RNG you are certainly at the right place.


When engaging in crypto gambling, you’re a part of peer-to peer protocols, thus third parties cannot get your private information. Only casinos’ private networks and you are entitled to the activities, from registering to withdrawal, so besides the advantages of privacy you get safe play as well.

Provably fair concept

There are different ways to enable gamblers provably fair games. It depends on the technology implemented at casinos, and the most valuable one is with an algorithm which creates complete randomness and ensures maximum fairness.

At casinos which don’t use blockchain, players check the fairness and outcome of each round.


Due to multiple layers of protection and verification processes, backed by high-tech programs, playing at crypto casinos is safe and also much easier for confirming the overall customer satisfaction.

Deposit / withdrawal speed at crypto & Bitcoin casinos

Playing at crypto casinos requires less rules, conditions, and most importantly, the speed of deposits and withdrawals is much greater than at regular casinos. The first requirement for gambling at online crypto casinos is having cryptocurrency, which is stored in crypto wallets. Crypto casinos have their own wallets to which all deposits are transferred. When you choose a gambling site, you’ll find the details regarding minimum deposits, and guides for each step in the process. The amount of time needed for the deposit is significantly shortened, because players only need the casino’s wallet address. Users enter their wallet address or scan a QR code on the gambling site, then select the amount and the deposit is done.

As far as withdrawals are concerned, it’s necessary to meet certain requirements, in order to collect your winnings.

Typically, players have to follow the wagering rules, which entitles them for withdrawals. This means that casinos determine the number of games needed to play with the bonus credits or free spins, after which players can request withdrawals.

Usually, the cash-out time depends on the type of cryptocurrency chosen, but it’s usually within an hour.

After choosing the amount for withdrawal, players verify their accounts and the winnings are transferred to users’ wallets.

Usually, you will find these estimated times completing the crypto withdrawal transactions:

  • Bitcoin – 10-20 minutes
  • XRP – 3 minutes
  • Tether, Ethereum – 2 minutes
  • Litecoin – 10 minutes
  • Dogecoin – 6-50 minutes


When using cryptocurrency as a payment method, your funds are transferred directly, without a third party. Thanks to blockchain, everything is performed between operators and players in the fastest possible way.

In this regard the speed of transactions achieved is one of the greatest advantages to crypto gambling. Depositing is performed to the casino wallet directly from your wallet and your winnings go to your wallet straight from a casino wallet.