Crypto & Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Crypto casinos have policies to reward their players with bonuses. The idea of rewarding is based on mutual benefits, and it’s understandable that it will always be updated and innovated, to keep up with competition. The more attractive the bonuses are, the more popular the casinos get.

Players certainly look for the best options when bonuses are concerned. Wherever you search for crypto gambling you’ll easily find promotions which include welcome bonuses, bonuses for first time users, etc. Our team is experienced and dedicated to inform you on high ranked casinos including the offers which they present regarding bonuses for the players.

Welcome bonuses are available after depositing a certain amount of cryptocurrency onto the casino’s account. Typically, the amount of the welcome bonus is determined as a percentage of the deposited amount. If a casino offers a 70% match for the first deposit, an additional 70% of the deposit will be granted to a player. The range of the bonus offers is usually between 50% to 110%.
In some casinos there are limits regarding the first deposit bonuses and if your priority is a bigger bonus, please check if there are such limits for your chosen casino.

What casinos usually do, is suggest players to use their welcome bonuses between their first three or four deposits. Each casino has its own terms and conditions in regards to the limit of each deposit. Additionally, you’ll want to check for the terms and conditions which determine the matching percentage for bonuses.
When players divide their bonuses between multiple deposits, they are required to use the complete bonus from the previous deposit, so the next one can be used.

The usual routine for claiming welcome bonuses is this:

  • Sign up at a chosen crypto casino
  • If you have a referral code, you should enter that code
  • After registering and completing the verification, you should fulfill the bonus requirements.

Additional casino bonuses

After receiving the initial sign-up bonus, gamblers are entitled to claim additional bonuses. The way that’s performed is this:

  • Check if you’re signed up and your account is active
  • Click on the “promotions” section
  • Explore all the presented offers
  • Decide for one of the optional promotions
  • Fulfill the requirements and get the bonus

Keep in mind that you should check occasionally for promotions, because casinos always try to keep up with their competition and add different types of promotions to their lists.

Free spins are bonuses which most crypto casinos regularly use.
Gamblers may choose the offers for different games, which is a great way to keep playing or trying new games.

If players achieve winnings using the free spins, it’s theirs to keep. Whether they use it for further games or they withdraw it, it depends on casinos’ rules. There are requirements which every player must meet in order to cash out their winnings.

The most common way for players to receive welcome bonuses is through bonus codes.
Some casinos require bonus codes as a way of getting the welcome bonus, when signing up. Other casinos reward their players with sign up bonuses regardless of whether players have bonus codes.
What’s really beneficial is that the player can create their own bonus code and offer it to their friends to play at the casino. This way, players get a commission as a reward for inviting new players to the game.

Types of crypto bonuses and rewards

Choosing to play at crypto casinos comes with many advantages. Different kinds of bonuses are one of the features which ensure that players opt for a crypto casino.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are in most cases up to 20 times larger than the bonuses offered at regular casinos where players use fiat money. For example, when using Bitcoin, casinos offer bonuses up to 1 BTC per deposit.

The sum of your deposit is typically equivalent to the sum you get as a bonus. This means that casinos have the policy to reward their players with 100% of their deposit amounts. So, when you’re considering getting the highest deposit bonus possible, crypto casinos are the choice.

The common rule when using a bonus is that players must meet wagering requirements (or often stated as the play-through requirements).

It’s important to get familiar with the exact rules concerning wagering in order to get the maximum of offered rewards and avoid losing them due to a lack of information. Casinos’ terms define play-through requirements specifying the number of times the players should wager the bonus before cashing out their winnings.

For example, if your bonus is worth 1 BTC, a casino may require that you engage in bets worth 20 BTC before withdrawing. If this sounds impossible let’s remind you that the return rate for a slot game is around 98% for most of the casinos. One of the rules concerning bonuses is the maximum number of bets possible using the bonus money. Some casinos determine the exact amount of bonus money which you can play with, or they state the percentage of the deposit (usually around 5%) you’re allowed to use.

For players’ convenience, casinos advise their users to divide the welcome bonuses between the first three or four deposits. In order to use the next deposit, users should spend the entire bonus from the previous deposit.

The welcome bonuses are often obtained through bonus codes, but it’s not unusual that casinos reward their players regardless of whether they have the codes or not.

One of the opportunities for additional rewards for players is the possibility to generate their own bonus codes and offer them to friends to play at the casino.

Additional bonuses

After signing up at the casino and receiving the welcome bonuses, players are allowed to get additional bonuses. They just have to check the list of presented offers and choose the most interesting one of the offered promotions.

A no-deposit bonus

A no-deposit bonus is common for casinos which are new in the business. In order to get attention, they offer the promotions which don’t require depositing before playing. When choosing this type of bonus, note that casinos determine certain conditions. Typically, there are strict amounts of money allowed for cashing out, and each casino offering no-deposit bonuses clearly explains it.

Free spins bonuses

Free spins bonuses are promotions which most casinos offer.

One way to claim this type of bonus is by depositing, another way is to get the free spins without depositing.

If you use the free spins by depositing, you’ll see that majority of the casinos don’t impose wagering requirements. You may collect your winnings at any time.

On the other hand, when you choose no-deposit -required spins, casinos will usually pay out your winnings with the bonuses. In order to cash out the bonus money, casinos normally requires that you deposit and later clearing it.


Cashback are rewards that don’t require wagering. Many casinos include this type of rewards in order to keep up with the competition and to attract more players. Usually they come with deadlines, so pay attention for the terms and conditions.


Rakeback is present at table games such as poker. It’s a special bonus similar to cashback, which casinos reward their players with, for being loyal. Players pay rake to the casino for the service. This fee enables the players on a Rakeback loyalty program to be rewarded whether they win or lose.

VIP bonuses

There are many kinds of VIP programs for players who earn VIP status, and casinos explain the programs in detail, reaching for the most passionate and regular users.

Withdrawal of bonuses at crypto casinos

Before starting to use bonuses, promotions and rewards at crypto casinos, it’s important to understand the rules regarding withdrawals. Each casino keeps their players informed on withdrawal policies, with detailed instructions in terms and conditions, and with easy-to-follow guides, gamblers can discover everything they need to know.

What’s identical to all casinos is that players must comply with the requirements. Most of which are wagering requirements, which define the exact number of times gamblers must play with their bonuses, or other rewards, before cashing out their winnings.

Quick and easy withdrawals are one of the biggest advantages of crypto casinos. In many cases the payouts are nearly instant, meaning that you can expect the money in your crypto wallet within minutes.

There are a few simple steps you need to follow when you decide to collect your winnings:

  • Log in to your casino account
  • Find the Cashier and select Withdrawal
  • Select the withdrawal method
  • Enter the correct amount you wish to withdraw
  • Confirm your account
  • Transfer your winnings to your e-wallet

The whole process doesn’t require any additional costs or transaction fees, which is another privilege of gambling at crypto casinos.


Players can withdraw their winnings after meeting the wagering requirements. Conditions specified in each casino define how many times it is necessary to wager the bonus money in casino games. When other rewards are involved, it’s important to check the deadline for usage. For example, the FREE SPINS promotions are available for a shorter period of time, compared to other promotions. On the other hand, they might have lower wagering requirements. For those who prefer crypto slots, free spins are the most convenient bonuses, and sometimes, promoting the casino on social platforms is an opportunity for getting more free spins. Easy and quick withdrawals are among the top benefits of crypto gambling, so after complying with all conditions players can cash out their winnings in a matter of minutes.